Vegans Have More Fun - Jeunesse

February 21, 2017

Jeunesse is the Evening Host/Assistant Music Director of Hot 89.9 in Ottawa and is a vegan! During this episode, things get real about the struggle to find a reliable cruelty free deodorant, the invasion of cheese on every menu and what it's like trying to make friends as an adult!

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Vegans Have More Fun - Lauren Toyota

January 27, 2017

Lauren Toyota is a Youtube content creator, chef and soon-to-be author of a cook book! She also manages the vegan food blog 'hot for food' that focuses on comfort food - that's right, vegan comfort food! During this episode, Lauren talks about the 'behind the scenes' of creating a cook book and what kind of recipes we can expect! We also chat about who some of her inspirations have been within the vegan community.

Lauren posts a new hot for food video every Wednesday! You can watch them here.


Vegans Have More Fun - Jessie Ferland

January 5, 2017

Have you ever met someone so nice that when you're around them, you feel obligated to be a better person? That's Jessie Ferland. After one conversation with her, I knew I wanted to chat with her on this podcast! She's a full time vegetarian, animal lover and Lady Gaga fan. During this episode, you'll hear all of those things come to life as she tells us about the time she rescued a duck - Mr. Peeps! Enjoy! 


Vegans Have More Fun - Talia Ricci Pt. 1

December 6, 2016

Talia Ricci is a Journalist, Nutritional Coach, Food Consultant, Food Photographer and overall just a great person to have in your life! She recently launched a vegan + gluten free blog called 'Wild Bella' and has spent most of 2016 studying to become a certified culinary nutrition expert. If you're ever looking for someone to spend hours talking about food with, Talia is your girl! 


Vegans Have More Fun - Donna & Frank Christie

November 15, 2016

There was a recent article  that said the number of vegetarian/vegan teenagers is increasing because of social media. Since my parents dealt with a vegetarian teenager, I thought they could share their wisdom with families that might be in the same boat. Cheers, to aggressive food pictures on Instagram! 



Vegans Have More Fun - Jamie Wilson

October 17, 2016

Jamie Wilson is new to the vegan world! Before this past year, he was the biggest lover of meat. Since going vegan, he's found sneaky ways to save money on dates, developed a new love for hot sauce and has become 'Doomie's' #1 customer. During the interview, we play two riveting games and Jamie explains why he kept his vegan ways a secret. 

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Vegans Have More Fun - Pat Murphy

September 30, 2016

Pat Murphy is a music industry professional, a skilled traveller and a vegan! During this episode, Pat explains how to not go hungry at events where there aren't food options for you and why Yelp is the real BFF. Lisa Simpson also gets an honourable mention during the interview.

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Vegans Have More Fun - Jen Sakato

July 29, 2016

Jen Sakato has been a vegan for 12 years. I repeat, 12 years! During the episode, she talks about building a catalogue in your head what you can buy if you're going cruelty free. She also talks about what being a vegan in Japan was like!

Jen is one half of a two person team that runs a comedy show every Monday at the Cameron House in Toronto. Check out the info here!

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Vegans Have More Fun - Michelle Shaughnessy

July 19, 2016

Comedian, Michelle Shaughnessy is one of the healthiest vegans I've met. She's dedicated a lot of time to truly researching her food. This means, she can bake a chocolate cake that actually tastes good but will still be healthy. Who doesn't want that?!

Michelle has a food blog that includes recipes, relatable experiences and links to helpful websites. You can check it out here!

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Vegans Have More Fun - James Island

July 12, 2016

When James Island was a teenager, he became a vegetarian as a way of fitting in with his bandmates. When used properly, is peer pressure really all that bad?? James also spent some time teaching in Korea and will teach us how to ask for 'no meat' in Korean. 

Starting in August, James will be running a comedy show at 'The Ossington' in Toronto! It happens every Monday at 8pm.

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