Vegans Have More fun

Vegans Have More Fun - Michelle Cruise

January 9, 2018

Michelle Cruise is a radio personality from the ‘Angie Hill Show’ on 99.5 KFUN in Kitchener-Waterloo! You can catch Michelle waking you up weekdays from 5:30 - 9AM and then playing you the classic hits until noon! Michelle’s somewhat new to the vegan world but is already guilty of eating spoonfuls of nutritional yeast. Admit it, you’ve tried it too. In this episode, Michelle talks about what it was like going from eating meat to a strict vegan diet, her idea for a hilarious vegan calendar and why she starts her day off with extra spice. If you’re looking for vegan options in KW, we also talk about Rawlicious, Cafe Pyrus, Bauer Kitchen and Beertown Public House!