Vegans Have More fun

Vegans Have More Fun - VegFest Guelph Pt. 1

June 28, 2017

The VegFest Guelph Shop Up Market took place on Saturday, June 17. This episode is a mash up of vendor interviews from the Festival! We’re chatting with the owner of Globally Local in London, ON - Canada’s first vegan fast food restaurant. Find out how soon we could be venturing to a vegan drive thru. You’ll hear the owner of Shakespeare’s Bathtub in Waterloo talk about her handcrafted vegan personal care! The owner of the Sweetteeth ice cream and dessert truck also joins us to talk about how he’s introducing vegan ice cream to the music festival world. Lastly, we chat with the business owner of Vecado, which is vegan food for cats and dogs! He explains why cats don’t truly need to be carnivores!